Thaka Jordan Offers 

A brain development program that utilizes abacus mental arithmetic as a tool for  brain development. Some of the benefits improved are concentration, imagination, memory and academic achievement. UCMAS comes from Malaysia and is offered by Thaka Jordan since 2007 in Jordan.  


JOE (Journey of Entrepreneurship) Program endeavors to nurture children aged 9-18 on the concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship through fun and enriching activities and using primarily experiential learning. JOE comes from Singapore and is offered by Thaka Jordan since 2017. 

Kidproof is an international, and originally Canadian, education company and publisher that has spent almost two decades perfecting safety education, and that has the unparalleled experience of teaching safety to millions of children around the world. Today Kidproof is in over 28 countries, and are considered THE expert in safety education, and the most trusted source and preferred partner for local government agencies, child-centric organizations and schools around the world. Thaka Jordan became the official and exclusive representative of Kidproof in Jordan in 2019.

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