About Us

Thaka is a child education company that started in 2007 aiming at improving the lives of the young generation and helping pave the road for a brighter future. UCMAS, the internationally renowned Malaysian franchise, was our first offering for the students in Jordan. UCMAS was a big success and the achievements were both local and international. 

10 years later, Thaka started adopting value-adding programs from around the world to enrich the lives of the young even more. JOE (Journey of Entrepreneurship) was our second offering. A program that shapes the entrepreneurial mindset and clarifies successful business concepts. JOE was brought all the way from Singapore, a leading country in both Education and Entrepreneurship. 

In 2019, Thaka became the official and exclusive representative of Kidproof in Jordan. Kidproof is an international, originally Canadian, education company that has spent almost two decades perfecting safety education and that has the unparalleled experience of teaching safety to millions of children around the world. Today, Kidproof is considered THE expert in safety education. 

The future is mysterious for everyone. However, at Thaka, we believe that securing a successful future for our children takes a long-term plan and an immediate action. We believe that changing our children's future depends on what we do today. That is why we embrace Thaka's slogan...


The Future Starts NOW! 

Telephone: +96265532179 Mobile: +962779900088 SMS: +962799984252 Email: info@thaka.com

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