About Kidproof

Kidproof is an international, and originally Canadian, education company and publisher that has spent over a decade perfecting safety education, and that has the unparalleled experience of teaching safety to millions of children around the word. Today Kidproof is in over 28 countries, and are considered THE expert in safety education, and the most trusted source and preferred partner for local government agencies, child-centric organizations and schools around the world.


Kidproof's content is written by experts, and is updated yearly. There is no other education program that devotes this kind of immediate response.


All of Kidproof's programs, including the Protect ED Program, are customized to meet the safety needs, culture, values, and social realities of each country in the MENA region. This customization ensures that children, educators and parents, do not feel that this is a program imposing on them advice and ways of thinking that are foreign to their own traditions and realities.

The Protect ED program will offer safety education to students at each of the 15 grade levels at the 4 cycles: Pre-school, Elementary, Intermediate, and Secondary from the age of 3 to 18.


Through the Protect ED Program, students progress through a series of non-threatening safety, health and well-being lessons, in English or French depending on the school, consisting of 15 school periods of education over the academic year.

Subjects covered include:

  1. Physical Safety: home safety, fire, electricity, poison, gun safety, playground safety, safety outside home, during activities, road safety, bicycle/bus/car safety, emergency response, first aid, etc.

  2. Personal Safety: safety around people and situations. Prevention of being lost, of kidnappings, of sexual abuse, of domestic abuse. Learning how to set boundaries, to deal with peer pressure situations, or to deal with strangers, etc.

  3. Good Citizenship, Ethics and Anti-Bullying.

  4. Internet and Technology Safety.

  5. Emotional Safety: self-esteem, body image, core values, assertiveness vs. aggressiveness, media awareness, anger management, conflict resolution skills, effective communication, confidence building, etc.

  6. Healthy Living: nutrition, exercise, drugs/ alcohol/ tobacco prevention, leadership, goal setting, time & stress management, personal motivation skills, CV building, choosing a career, teamwork, decision making skills, etc.


The Protect ED Program includes:

  • A complete safety education curriculum, for all grade levels (from Pre-K to Grade 12).

  • Free Teacher Training Programs and Certifications.

  • 15 Free Teacher Lesson Plans & resource books (Pre-K to Grade 12 - 1 for each grade level).

  • 15 Student Workbooks (Pre-K to Grade 12 - 1 for each grade level).

  • 5 Free Teacher Guidebooks (1 per cycle).

  • 5 Free Parent Guidebooks (1 per cycle).


Indeed, with a focus on prevention, Protect ED builds confidence, reduces risks and protects the future of our children.

For more information, please visit www.kidproofme.com.

About Protect ED

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