About JOE

What is JOE?


Journey of Entrepreneurship (JOE) is an educational program that endeavors to nurture children aged 8 to 18 on the concepts of entrepreneurship and business. It inspires and instills an entrepreneurial mindset in young students. It is a 4-phase program that enables students to learn more about doing business, starting one or even becoming a future employee who adds real value.


Through this program, students will learn to structure and manage their own enterprise one day using primarily fun, experiential learning and interaction to enhance their capabilities. At the end of the program, selected teams will participate in a mini-market fair to display their creative businesses.

We believe that entrepreneurial qualities are already present in every individual and as children's personalities are known to be malleable, personal traits and entrepreneurial skills can be developed further through education. JOE program serves to realize this belief.

JOE Editions


JOE is offered in 2 different editions/ levels for 2 age groups:

1. Juniors (8-12 year-olds)

2. Teens (13-18 year-olds)

JOE Tracks


JOE program is available in 3 tracks:

1. JOE Comprehensive: A 10-month program

JOE Comprehensive covers the program in great depth and spans over 10 months with 43 weekly sessions of 2 hours each.


2. JOE Fast Track: A 5-month program

Designed as an after-school program, JOE Fast Track spans over 5 months with 20 weekly sessions of 2 hours each.


3. JOE Holiday Bootcamp: A 5-day program

Perfect for students who have plenty of free time during their school holidays, JOE Holiday Bootcamp is a full 4-day program that ends with the Mini-Market Fair on the 5th day. Students spend 7 hours a day at JOE Launchpads. 

JOE Phases


JOE covers a holistic syllabus that is constructed based on a 4-phase approach:


Phase 1 - Soft Skills: Mindset Development

This phase aims to condition the students' mindset effectively to foster the right attitude to embark successfully on their entrepreneurship journey. In this phase, the following entrepreneurial attributes will be covered:

  • Recognizing Opportunities

  • Creativity

  • Innovation

  • Envisioning

  • Passion

  • Perseverance

  • Risk-Taking

  • Ethics


Phase 2 - Soft Skills: Communication & Behavioral Skills

Students need to understand the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the intrinsically-linked systems businesses operate in. Successful entrepreneurs have strong interpersonal and social skills which allow them to work well and communicate effectively with their stakeholders. In this phase, the following entrepreneurial attributes will be covered:

  • Self-Discovery

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Communication Skills

  • Networking Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Time Management


Phase 3 – Technical Skills: Financial Literacy and Business Skills

A sound understanding of basic financial concepts and good judgment is crucial in improving financial outcomes. The students will learn, in this phase, the value of money, the difference between needs and wants, the relationships between earning, spending and saving, income and expenses. The technical skills covered in this phase are:

  • Basic Economics

  • Basic Business Concepts

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Marketing

  • Operations Management

  • Financial Planning

  • Business Plan


Phase 4 – Final Project and Mini-Market Fair

Students are given the opportunity to put the knowledge gained throughout the program into practice where they exhibit and sell their goods to the public.

JOE Launchpads?


We believe that a student can be taught everything we want him/her to learn and can be changed into the person we want him/her to become! We just need the right resources.


At JOE Training Centers, we make these resources available, turn JOE ideas into reality and launch the student into the real world. That is why we call our training centers... JOE Launchpads!  

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